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Your entire team could be

Synchronized, Aligned, and

Executing on your Strategy,

providing a consistent

WOW Customer Experience?








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your Core Values? 


Learn HOW to DESIGN Your

Culture, Make it REAL, and





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Learning Organization?

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through learning, feedback,

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Plan, Align, Synchronize, & Execute

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Synchronized &

Aligned Execution

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Strategy Lessons from Southwest Airlines
Recently a post in my @MichaelLanghout Twitter feed quoted Southwest Airlines (SWA) CEO Herb Kelleher as follows:  "We have a strategic plan... it's called doing things." IF this quote is true, it needs a bit of expansion beyond the 140 character microblog platform twitter offers its members, in order to give credit to the great accomplishments Mr. Kelleher and his company have provided to investors, suppliers, employees, and passengers over the years. Mr. Kelleher's quote is bold, direct [more]
Are you getting feedback on a regular basis as a leader?  If you are a CEO, is your senior leadership team comfortable giving you feedback?  Are you getting feedback from your board?  How are you handling it? What does it feel like when you get negative feedback?  For me, sometimes I can get defensive.  It can depend on the subject, and on my own emotional state and level of stress at the time, but more often than not my tendency is to be defensive. When I get 'incoming' data that creates [more]
What is a thought leader? Wikipedia defines thought leadership as follows: A thought leader is an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded.[1] The Oxford English Dictionary gives as its first citation for the phrase an 1887 description of Henry Ward Beecher as "one of the great thought-leaders in America." Thought Leadership is a term used often in the online community, and often in the context of companies th [more]